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Making wifi visible – Network City

thinkToronto: Urban Design Ideas Competition

From the urbanists at Spacing Magazine, blog, etc. comes an urban ideas competition for individuals and groups no older than 35: thinkTORONTO invites people 35 years old or younger with creative ideas on how to improve Toronto’s public spaces. The competition will help celebrate the magazine’s 5th anniversary in December 2008. Architects, urban planners, landscape […]

Neo-Geo and the Mapping of Non-Motorized Transport

When we cyclists leave it to urban planners to determine where in the city we should and shouldn’t ride our bikes we tend to find ourselves mingling uncomfortably with SUVs, pedestrians, not-so-efficient-routes, and dead-ends. How often, here in Edmonton for example, has the “bike lane” I’ve so naively pursued stopped short, sending me headlong into […]

When Parkour and Soccer Converge….

We’re all familiar with parkour, the urban-assault-a-la-Spiderman phenomenon from France. So what happens when parkour is paired with le football? (Assuming the video is not some sort of computer-graphics-enhanced mashup….) – Matthew

Mark Kingwell: Is Toronto being taken over by bobos?

Kingwell’s recent article in Walrus Magazine describes some of the ironies of the creative (i.e. bourgeois bohemian or “bobo”) class in cities like Toronto. He suggests that the political dimension of cities is lacking in our Richard Florida-informed “creative economy,” and that justice must be rethought and reconsidered. An excerpt: The hucksters and tourism shills […]