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Book review: Henri Lefebvre on Space – Architecture, Urban Research, and the Production of theory

Ɫukacz Stanek. Henri Lefebvre on Space. Architecture, Urban Research, and the Production of Theory. 2011. Minneapolis, London. University of Minnesota Press. 369 pp. ISBN 978-0-8166-6617-1
Reviewed by Christopher Knoll (Cultural Studies), Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
[…] to think of space as a whole means to keep it open to everybody. (Stanek: 137)
Ɫukacz Stanek’s book on the French [...]

Eurozine on the City

Noteworthy articles on cities, the urban commons and sustainability, Georg Franck Die urbane Allmende and an issue on Central Europe’s urban identity from Eurozine, an online selection from several European magazines.
Franck argues for a new urbanism that focuses on the middle ground of sustainable, compact neighbourhoods rather than focusing only on architecture as individual green [...]

Ecological Urbanism

Mohsen Mostafavi and Gareth Doherty, eds. Ecological Urbanism. 2010. Baden, Switzerland: Lars Müller Publishers. 665 pp. ISBN 978-3-0377818-9-0.
Review Essay by Jim Morrow
Ecological Urbanism is, literally and figuratively, a thick text that merges traditional academic articles with media and design to lay-out the foundation for a new, ecologic approach to urban planning. [...]

Home Making (1)

Being at home is often understood as a matter of identification. It happens when you recognize a place of dwelling as the place where you belong: a habitat, so to speak, where one feels comfortable.
I am writing a paper at the moment where I want to link the practice of home making to thge German [...]

Has the Apocalypse happened?

Facebook messages from my connections in England are referring to riots taking place in a number of inner city areas in England. British politicians and journalists have found it relatively easy to denounce these riots as the work of criminals. Very few reflections can be found that try and engage with any issues that might [...]