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Category Archives: Rural & regional spaces

Mapping Flickr photos and Twitter tweets

Eric Fischer of Oakland California has produced a stunning set of maps of flickr photos and Twitter tweets from geolocation tags in the posts.  These respatialize the world as lit up by these particular forms of new media/Web 2.0 use.  A higher resolution image of the world map is also online.   I especially like […]

Book Review: Pigeon Trouble: Bestiary Biopolitics in a Deindustrialized America

Hoon Song. Pigeon Trouble: Bestiary Biopolitics in a Deindustrialized America. 2010. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. 262 pp. ISBN: 978-0-8122-4242-3 Reviewed by Marcel LaFlamme, Department of Anthropology, Rice University (US) On the first Monday of September, the townspeople of Hegins, Pennsylvania would assemble in the park to kill pigeons. Birds rounded up in the railyards […]


Adam Pańczuk – Karczeby (2008-2009) “In one of the dialects spoken in the east of Poland, which is a mixture of Polish and Belorussian, people strongly attached to the soil they had been cultivating for generations were called ‘Karczeby’. With their bare hands Karczeby cleared forests in order to grow crops. The word karczeb was […]

Rural spaces and abundant lives

In The Gift of Good Land, Wendell Berry wrote: “Concerned as he is that the usable be put to use, that there be no waste, still there is nothing utilitarian or mechanistic about Mr. Lapp’s farm–or his mind. His aim it seems, is not that the place should be put to the fullest use, but […]