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Category Archives: Religion & mythologies

Photos of the detention facilities at Guantánamo Bay

Scenes from Guantánamo Bay An arrow in the recreation yard at Camp Delta, Naval Station Guantánamo Bay, Cuba points the direction to Mecca, the Islamic holy city, so the detainees know which way to face if the call to prayer sounds while they are outside. Every cell and recreation yard has similar arrows. Photo taken […]

Salman Rushdie and the Festival of Ideas

Comments from Salman Rushdie on freedom, religion, growing up in Bombay and England, and the theme of fear and happiness in the modern world and how it is anticipated in earlier imperial moments, such as the mid 1400s which saw the discovery of America, the flowering of Venice and Florence and, far to the east, […]

Imagining the future city

Watch 2057 – The City to see a world where “machines interact like people” and “buildings, cars, streets and even your clothing will exchange data around the clock”…