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Category Archives: Race & ethnicity

Adventures in consumerism

Factory Girl: Dora the Explorer and the Dirty Secrets of the Global Industrial Economy by Lois Leveen Throughout her adventures, Dora enjoys an unusual geographic mobility, crossing landscapes but never distinct borders, always returning home rather than staying somewhere new. Her animated domain is devoid of references to social class, labor, or a currency-based economy. […]

Particularity of place

GEIST Magazine: Invisible City John Paskievich has been photographing the North End of Winnipeg for more than thirty years, and the body of work that he has built up in that time is a revelation of the particularity of people and place… The North End was a culture of cultures long before multiculturalism was a […]

Hot desert nights

This is a map of mostly fictional Arabian countries that appear in the “sheikhs and desert love” genre of romance novels. Until recently I had no idea these books even existed, but thanks to Christy McCullough’s article in the Summer 07 issue of Bitch Magazine, my latest pop culture crush is on romance novels dedicated […]