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Category Archives: Material culture

Home Making (1)

Being at home is often understood as a matter of identification. It happens when you recognize a place of dwelling as the place where you belong: a habitat, so to speak, where one feels comfortable. I am writing a paper at the moment where I want to link the practice of home making to thge […]

Lively/Lived Space: Salzburg and L’vivly Space

Eastern Europe’s cities are an education in different regimes of public space. Within the spatialisation Lefebvre describes as modernist, rationalized ‘Abstract Space’ public areas of cities are reduced to their function, utility and managed in terms of maximizing value within an overarching vision of land as a commodity to be bought and sold. Although utility […]

Portable cities

YIN XIUZHEN Portable City: Jia Yu Guan, 2009 Courtesy Beijing Commune “While Beijing has been the focus of inspiration for much of Yin Xiuzhen‘s work, documenting the process of deconstruction and reconstruction, Yin has since installed her work worldwide, examining cultural changes in different locales. Investigating the repercussions of globalization, with the massive changes brought […]

Tokyo Blues

Back in 2007 I was happy to report on Nurri Kim‘s fascinating photos of blue tarps in Tokyo, but not as happy as I am today to announce the publication of her new book, Tokyo Blues. “Now available for purchase or free download, Tokyo Blues is a photographic record of Nurri Kim’s 2002-2003 investigation into […]

Where cars go to wait Growing stocks of unsold cars around the world Carmakers around the world are cutting production as inventories build up to unprecedented levels. Storage areas and docksides are now packed with vast expanses of unsold cars as demand slumps.” “Unsold cars at Avonmouth Docks near Bristol, UK.” “Newly imported cars fill the 150-acre site at […]