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Category Archives: Mapping

Mapping Flickr photos and Twitter tweets

Eric Fischer of Oakland California has produced a stunning set of maps of flickr photos and Twitter tweets from geolocation tags in the posts.  These respatialize the world as lit up by these particular forms of new media/Web 2.0 use.  A higher resolution image of the world map is also online.   I especially like […]

Time-Space of the Twitterverse

iA have created a visualization of the 140 most followed ‘twitter-ers’ (size of dot=followers) and their influence (algorithmic? size of grey bubble=impact) by social spheres (in pie-slices around the circle) and over time (radially from the centre). “Here it is, our next Web Trend Map. No Metro lines, no URLS. This time, it’s the 140 […]

Contagious Economics

Thanks to Strange Maps, which includes a lucid discussion and comments on how Economic Crisis re-spatializes Europe…

Geo-Mashups: Mapping US Statistics

Datamasher maps US state-level statistics from the US census and other sources.  An example is their map of fast-food restaurants versus obesity rates (above).  Sometimes these are revealing, sometimes not, and sometimes their statistical reliability may not be good due to sample sizes.  Makes a nice map, however. Rhizalabs’ FluTracker also does a global mapping […]

Rethinking Topology and Topography

Hidden Landscapes by Chris Thompson Geographical Methodology as Spatialization and Topology (Part of “Theorizing Place: Interdisciplinary Trajectories” A Panel Discussion at the Canadian Association of Geographers Meeting, Carleton University, May 27, 2009): This presentation focuses on the virtuality of place, an object of study which resists specification in material or topographic terms. In effect, place […]