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Management and Anticipation Lesson 2: Trials of Strength

“It’s inevitable that one or other of the mutations will [pass easily between humans] and H5 looks the favourite candidate. Some are saying H5 has been around for 10 years and never will but I don’t believe that.” (Professor John Oxford, cited in BBC news Magazine’s “Is Bird Flu Still a Threat?“)
As with anticipation, there [...]

Management and Anticipation Lesson 1: The Virtual

Virtu: taste for works of art.
Virtue: power, influence, efficacy, conformity to moral principles … high merit of accomplishment, valour (from vir, man)
Virtual: what is in essence or effect(The Oxford Concise Dictionary of English Etymology. Oxford: Clarendon Press.)
It is not a difficult to see a link between virtual and virtuosity, especially when considering anticipation. Great football [...]