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Category Archives: Geopolitics

Contagious Economics

Thanks to Strange Maps, which includes a lucid discussion and comments on how Economic Crisis re-spatializes Europe…

Book Review: The Reinvention of Everyday Life: Culture in the twenty-first century

The Reinvention of Everyday Life: Culture in the twenty-first century. Edited by Howard McNaughton and Adam Lam (2006). Christchurch NZ: Canterbury University Press. 264 pp. ISBN 1-877257-48-6 Reviewed by Niamh Hennessy, York University This is an interesting and provocative collection of stories, commentaries and reviews that offer a series of meditations on the transformations of […]

Space of Recession; Place of Property

National Recessions and Regional Depression Last year, we asked about the geography of what we called “The Depression of 2009”. This year, in February, The Economist provided a brief article pointing out the differences in regional economies in the US – Montana still growing at over 4% versus Michigan’s economy, contracting at over 7%. Now […]

Oil and rising waters don’t mix

My advice to every architect and civil engineer: dikes and levees are going to be hot. In its 11th hour, the Bush Administration has authorized a new US Arctic Policy (National Security Presidential Directive 66), which will serve as a continuing, broad policy guideline to government agencies until replaced. That is, it has effect until […]