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Home Making (1)

Being at home is often understood as a matter of identification. It happens when you recognize a place of dwelling as the place where you belong: a habitat, so to speak, where one feels comfortable. I am writing a paper at the moment where I want to link the practice of home making to thge […]

Lively/Lived Space: Salzburg and L’vivly Space

Eastern Europe’s cities are an education in different regimes of public space. Within the spatialisation Lefebvre describes as modernist, rationalized ‘Abstract Space’ public areas of cities are reduced to their function, utility and managed in terms of maximizing value within an overarching vision of land as a commodity to be bought and sold. Although utility […]

Book Review: L’Image de la ville

Leenaerts, D. 2009. L’Image de la ville. Bruxelles et ses photographes des années 1850 à nos jours. Bruxelles: Collection Lieux de Mémoire, CFC-Éditions, 182 pages, ISBN:978-2-930018-79-9 Reviewed by Philippe Campays, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) Space and Culture readers will find an interesting contribution to knowledge in social geography in Danielle Leenaerts’ L’Image de […]

Contagious Economics

Thanks to Strange Maps, which includes a lucid discussion and comments on how Economic Crisis re-spatializes Europe…

Comment: Air Immobilities

I’m surprised no one has yet commented here on the state of immobility in air travel brought about by the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland last week. The ash cloud spread across Northern Europe has caused tens of thousands of flights to be canceled. Removing air flight changes the mix of transport modes […]