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Urban Salons II : Not so Quiet: the new suburbia, Toronto

Continuing on the theme of urban salons, The New Art of Suburbia, a two-evening panel discussion and forum recorded for podcast, will address these changes and implications for the arts and culture. Dealing with changes in the development and urban fabric of Toronto, speakers from a variety of backgrounds will tackle pressing questions: What is […]

Three Urban Salons

We’re going to assemble a list of urban theory events and discussions.  First up, two active series, one based at London universities and the other at Berkeley and Stanford, and an online, global research network, of “world cities” based at Loughborough University, UK: Urban Salon, London.  Recent talk of note: Illegal’ Geographies of the City: […]

Salman Rushdie and the Festival of Ideas

Comments from Salman Rushdie on freedom, religion, growing up in Bombay and England, and the theme of fear and happiness in the modern world and how it is anticipated in earlier imperial moments, such as the mid 1400s which saw the discovery of America, the flowering of Venice and Florence and, far to the east, […]

CFP: AEROGRAPHIES (AAG 2009, Las Vegas, March 22-27)

Mark Jackson (U of Bristol) has alerted me to a terrific-sounding session on the theme of air and materialities to be held at the 2009 meeting of the American Association of Geographers (AAG) in Las Vegas. CFP: ‘Aerographies': re-thinking unthought elemental and metaphysical assumptions in recent human geographies AAG 2009, Las Vegas, March 22nd-27th. “…our […]