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Category Archives: Climate & environment

Climate Change and the Urban Future

At Cancun this week , where delegates are discussing the 16th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) demanded that the focus on states be shifted toward a stress on peoples and a more local and specific vision of climate impacts. Kirt Ejesiak, Vice President of ICC Canada, voiced the […]

Survivall in exhibition: Vivo Arte Mov at MAM, Salvador da Bahia

Survivall at MAM Salvador by A. Lemos, M. Fiorelli and R. Shields (Photo copyright A. Lemos and M. Fiorelli) An update to our previous post on “locative art” using Google Maps and our collective article in Wi – Journal of Mobile Media (Hexagram Institute) – where Andre Lemos recently discussed locative media in Brazil.  Survivall […]

Comment: Air Immobilities

I’m surprised no one has yet commented here on the state of immobility in air travel brought about by the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland last week. The ash cloud spread across Northern Europe has caused tens of thousands of flights to be canceled. Removing air flight changes the mix of transport modes […]


I always enjoy getting my National Geographic Magazine in the post, and the current special issue on water is amazing. The section on The World’s Freshwater has some gorgeous maps, The Hidden Water We Use section presents some startling infographics, and photography by Edward Burtynsky puts California’s Pipe Dream in new light. “As developments such […]

Sinking of Thirst: Mexico City and water

Mexico City’s water supply crisis affects about 8.8 million residents in the city proper, but the working population of the metropolitan area is closer to 18 million.  The city is sinking because of the depletion of ground water aquifers.