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Category Archives: Asia

Book Review: Milieu and human identity: Notes towards a surpassing of modernity

Augustin Berque. Milieu et identité humaine. Notes pour un dépassement de la modernité (Milieu and human identity: Notes towards a surpassing of modernity). 2010. Paris: Editions Donner Lieu. 148 pp. ISBN 978-2-9532093-3-4. Reviewed by Andrea Mubi Brighenti, Department of Sociology, University of Trento (IT) After the catastrophic events that hit Japan, and particularly in the […]

Instant Chinese Cities

[image credit: Christoph Gielen] China’s Instant Cities “This year China will add more than 17 million people to its urban population. To house this unprecedented wave of migration from the country side, cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou are building countless high-rise residential towers at breakneck speed. The construction sites, surrounded by concrete walls, are almost […]

Tokyo Blues

Back in 2007 I was happy to report on Nurri Kim‘s fascinating photos of blue tarps in Tokyo, but not as happy as I am today to announce the publication of her new book, Tokyo Blues. “Now available for purchase or free download, Tokyo Blues is a photographic record of Nurri Kim’s 2002-2003 investigation into […]

Salman Rushdie and the Festival of Ideas

Comments from Salman Rushdie on freedom, religion, growing up in Bombay and England, and the theme of fear and happiness in the modern world and how it is anticipated in earlier imperial moments, such as the mid 1400s which saw the discovery of America, the flowering of Venice and Florence and, far to the east, […]

Book Review: Chinese Cities’ Suburban Futures: The Chinese Dream

The Chinese Dream Neville Mars, Adrian Hornsby, and Saskia Vendel (project management) 010 Publishers, Rotterdam 2008 .  704pp+79pp magazine.  ISBN 97864506529 [] The Chinese Dream surveys scenarios of possible Chinese urban development over the dozen years to 2020. Using graphics and text, the book explores the urban implications of current plans, population migration and the […]