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Category Archives: Art & design

What we’re reading: TAKE Space (Issue 4.2)

A Kahnawake ironworker atop a column in New York City in the 1960s [photo credit: KANIEN’KEHAKA ONKWAWENNA RAOTITIOHKWA CULTURAL CENTER] TAKE‘s Space issue (May 2010) considers the spatialities of digital and lived environments. Videoconferencing collapses geography and shifts social spaces from offices to screens, making one more aware than ever before of the different layers […]

Survivall in exhibition: Vivo Arte Mov at MAM, Salvador da Bahia

Survivall at MAM Salvador by A. Lemos, M. Fiorelli and R. Shields (Photo copyright A. Lemos and M. Fiorelli) An update to our previous post on “locative art” using Google Maps and our collective article in Wi – Journal of Mobile Media (Hexagram Institute) – where Andre Lemos recently discussed locative media in Brazil.  Survivall […]

Book Review: A Construção do Lugar pela Arte Contemporânea

Marta Traquino, A Construção do Lugar pela Arte Contemporânea [The Construction of Place in Contemporary Art]. 2010. Ribeirão, Portugal: Húmus Editions. 172 pp. ISBN: 9789898139320 Reviewed by Andrea Mubi Brighenti, Department of Sociology, University of Trento (IT) “Marching Piece” performance by George Maciunas. Flux Snow Event, New Marlborough (Massachusetts), 1977. Contemporary artworks have addressed space […]

Mobility Cultures in Megacities

Postdoctoral Fellowship The department for urban structure and transport planning of Technical University of Munich/Germany and the Institute for Mobility Research (ifmo), a research facility of BMW Group, are pleased to announce an international call to researchers for up to 6 post-doctoral fellowships within the strategic field of “Mobility Cultures in Megacities”.

Instant Chinese Cities

[image credit: Christoph Gielen] China’s Instant Cities “This year China will add more than 17 million people to its urban population. To house this unprecedented wave of migration from the country side, cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou are building countless high-rise residential towers at breakneck speed. The construction sites, surrounded by concrete walls, are almost […]