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Comment: Air Immobilities

I’m surprised no one has yet commented here on the state of immobility in air travel brought about by the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland last week. The ash cloud spread across Northern Europe has caused tens of thousands of flights to be canceled. Removing air flight changes the mix of transport modes […]

Oil and rising waters don’t mix

My advice to every architect and civil engineer: dikes and levees are going to be hot. In its 11th hour, the Bush Administration has authorized a new US Arctic Policy (National Security Presidential Directive 66), which will serve as a continuing, broad policy guideline to government agencies until replaced. That is, it has effect until […]

A Change in the Arctic Neighbourhood: Greenland Referendum

Arctic states are becoming a reality.  This means that we could one day talk of arctic lawmaking and jurisprudence without having to explain, for example that Canada’s marriage laws own much to experiments in the Northwest Territories in the 1970s to accommodate Inuit customary marriage.  This also means the territorialization of the north, respatializing a […]

Greenland Images

Bryan and Cherry Alexander: Inglefield Bay Clouds, Greenland.  With more photos from The Mail on Sunday, Online. – Rob

Book Review: Knowing Places: The Inuinnait, Landscapes and the Environment

Knowing Places: The Inuinnait, Landscapes and the Environment, Béatrice Collignon. Translation of Les Inuit : ce qu’ils savent du territoire. Translation and scientific editing by Linna Weber Müller-Willie. Circumpolar Research Series No.10,  CCI Press, University of Alberta: Edmonton, Canada, 2006. ISSN 0838133X. The points become fewer, the lines fade out as fewer and fewer people travel […]