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Monthly Archives: October 2011

What’s Academia Got To Do With It? Looking for Community-Scholarly Balance in Co-developing Community-driven Research

Reflections on the relationship between universities and public audiences and communities are widely reflected in discussions of what I would call ‘Public Research’ — here’s one: Wednesday, November 09, 2011, from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM, Galbraith Building, 35 St. George Street, Room 119 Community Development Graduate Collaborative Program Seminar Series What does it mean […]

Sound Space and the City

Peterson, Marina. 2010. Sound, Space, and the City. Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia: University of Pennsylvannia Press. Reviewed by Catherine Scheelar, University of Alberta. In Sound, Space, and the City, anthropologist Marina Peterson explores the process of center-making in Los Angeles through multicultural performance in public space. Positing her work as an ‘anthropology of the center’, of the […]

Making wifi visible – Network City

Eurozine on the City

Noteworthy articles on cities, the urban commons and sustainability, Georg Franck Die urbane Allmende and an issue on Central Europe’s urban identity from Eurozine, an online selection from several European magazines. Franck argues for a new urbanism that focuses on the middle ground of sustainable, compact neighbourhoods rather than focusing only on architecture as individual […]