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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Has the Apocalypse happened?

Facebook messages from my connections in England are referring to riots taking place in a number of inner city areas in England. British politicians and journalists have found it relatively easy to denounce these riots as the work of criminals. Very few reflections can be found that try and engage with any issues that might […]

Thoughts about Space and Culture (5)

Creating Concepts Space and culture, then, is still all about the ‘and’; about the connections between practices of repetition and processes of objectification. What we aim to achieve, in the next 15 years or so, is to become a venue where social sciences can engage empirically with questions of the everyday. The key questions remain […]

Thoughts about Space and Culture (4)

Culture Culture as reification is perhaps a relatively new theme for us. Reification is a double edged sword. On the one hand, it refers to the life of objects, in the straightforward empirical sense of ‘objects coming to life’ when they are engaged in action. However, at the same time, reification is often identified […]

Thoughts about Space and Culture (3)

Space Social spatialization is, following the same Tardean logic, a specific form of repetition, namely that of ‘imitation’. It is through imitation that spatiality becomes possible as existent. Imitation is easily observed in terms of materiality, which, for example through acts of building, planning and even architectural conceptualization, become necessary preconditions for a space to […]

Thoughts about Space and Culture (2) … And … “And”, the word that connects, is the real problem for space and culture. And is what enables both the possibility of spatialization, as the virtual-material creation of a relational presence, as well as the possibility for ‘objectification’, as the creation of flows of repetitions of presence, as that which returns and […]