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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Nature’s Urban Crisis

Paradoxically, it is in cities that the destiny of nature is being decided. Massive consumption by a mostly urbanized human population drives the exhaustion of natural resources and rising pollution. On the occasion of meetings in Tokyo to address decreases in biodiversity, interest in more ecological industries is increasing. Ray Côté is the leading expert […]

Survivall in exhibition: Vivo Arte Mov at MAM, Salvador da Bahia

Survivall at MAM Salvador by A. Lemos, M. Fiorelli and R. Shields (Photo copyright A. Lemos and M. Fiorelli) An update to our previous post on “locative art” using Google Maps and our collective article in Wi – Journal of Mobile Media (Hexagram Institute) – where Andre Lemos recently discussed locative media in Brazil.  Survivall […]