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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Space and Culture Issue 13(3) – August 2010

The new issue of the journal is now out! Abstracts are linked below.

Amanda Lagerkvist, The Future Is Here: Media, Memory, and Futurity in Shanghai
Anca Pusca, Industrial and Human Ruins of Postcommunist Europe
Tim Hecker, The Slum Pastoral: Helicopter Visuality and Koolhaas’s Lagos
Kenneth R. Culton and Ben Holtzman, The Growth and Disruption of a “Free Space”: Examining [...]

Mobility Cultures in Megacities

Postdoctoral Fellowship
The department for urban structure and transport planning of Technical University of Munich/Germany and the Institute for Mobility Research (ifmo), a research facility of BMW Group, are pleased to announce an international call to researchers for up to 6 post-doctoral fellowships within the strategic field of “Mobility Cultures in Megacities”.

Instant Chinese Cities

[image credit: Christoph Gielen]
China’s Instant Cities
“This year China will add more than 17 million people to its urban population. To house this unprecedented wave of migration from the country side, cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou are building countless high-rise residential towers at breakneck speed. The construction sites, surrounded by concrete walls, are [...]

Book Review: Here is Tijuana!

Fiamma Montezemolo, René Peralta and Heriberto Yepez. 2006. Here is Tijuana! London: BlackDog Publishing. 192 pp. ISBN: 978 1 904772 45
Reviewed by Nurri Kim, Do Projects
My first significant personal exposure to Mexican culture (and Mexican people) was after I moved to the United States in 2003. As a Korean educated in Japan, and with no [...]

Book Review: Strange Spaces: Explorations into Mediated Obscurity

André Jansson and Amanda Lagerkvist (eds.) 2009. Strange Spaces: Explorations into Mediated Obscurity. Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate. 356 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7546-7461-0.
Reviewed by Peter Lugosi, School of Services Management, Bournemouth University (UK)
Jansson and Lagerkvist’s edited collection explores the processes through which spaces become uncertain, opaque…strange.  At times these uncertainties emerge as negativities – fear, loss, [...]