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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Book Review: Essays on Boredom and Modernity

Barbara Dalle Pezze and Carlo Salzani (eds.) 2009. Essays on Boredom and Modernity. Amsterdam/New York, NY: Rodolpi. 227 pp. ISBN 978-90-420-2566-0. Reviewed by Julian Jason Haladyn, University of Western Ontario (Canada) Part of the Critical Studies series at Rodolpi, Essays on Boredom and Modernity examines “the phenomenon of boredom from a multidisciplinary perspective,” as Barbara […]

Book Review: L’Image de la ville

Leenaerts, D. 2009. L’Image de la ville. Bruxelles et ses photographes des années 1850 à nos jours. Bruxelles: Collection Lieux de Mémoire, CFC-Éditions, 182 pages, ISBN:978-2-930018-79-9 Reviewed by Philippe Campays, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) Space and Culture readers will find an interesting contribution to knowledge in social geography in Danielle Leenaerts’ L’Image de […]

Time-Space of the Twitterverse

iA have created a visualization of the 140 most followed ‘twitter-ers’ (size of dot=followers) and their influence (algorithmic? size of grey bubble=impact) by social spheres (in pie-slices around the circle) and over time (radially from the centre). “Here it is, our next Web Trend Map. No Metro lines, no URLS. This time, it’s the 140 […]

Contagious Economics

Thanks to Strange Maps, which includes a lucid discussion and comments on how Economic Crisis re-spatializes Europe…