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Monthly Archives: June 2009

“You are the city”

Via Enrique Ramirez’s always wonderful A456, we find Kosmograd’s review of Petra Kempf‘s new book, You Are the City: “Subtitled ‘Observation, organization, and transformation of urban settings’, the main element of this publication are 22 sheets of clear acetate, onto which are printed different conceptual layers and frameworks of a city … In ‘You are […]

Academic space and culture

I recently learned of University of Chicago PhD student Eli Thorkelson‘s blog, Decasia: Critique of Academic Culture and it is wonderful to read. Eli’s PhD project comprises an anthropological analysis of university culture, and he’s also looking at the socialisation of graduate students. I remember being told as a Master’s student that it was not […]

Server space

NY Times: Data Center Overload “Much of the daily material of our lives is now dematerialized and outsourced to a far-flung, unseen network … But where is ‘there,’ and what does it look like? ‘There’ is nowadays likely to be increasingly large, powerful, energy-intensive, always-on and essentially out-of-sight data centers. These centers run enormously scaled […]

Book Review: The Reinvention of Everyday Life: Culture in the twenty-first century

The Reinvention of Everyday Life: Culture in the twenty-first century. Edited by Howard McNaughton and Adam Lam (2006). Christchurch NZ: Canterbury University Press. 264 pp. ISBN 1-877257-48-6 Reviewed by Niamh Hennessy, York University This is an interesting and provocative collection of stories, commentaries and reviews that offer a series of meditations on the transformations of […]

Book Review: Experiencing the Everyday in Maurice Blanchot’s “Everyday Speech”

Blanchot, M. (1987). “Everyday speech” (S. Hanson, Trans.). Yale French Studies, 73, 12-20. (Original work published 1959) Reviewed by Amy Macdonald, University of Alberta What is the everyday? This question might seem unnecessary and superfluous. Are we not surrounded by it, steeped in it? Is it not something we can know and understand naturally, something […]