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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Rethinking Topology and Topography

Hidden Landscapes by Chris Thompson Geographical Methodology as Spatialization and Topology (Part of “Theorizing Place: Interdisciplinary Trajectories” A Panel Discussion at the Canadian Association of Geographers Meeting, Carleton University, May 27, 2009): This presentation focuses on the virtuality of place, an object of study which resists specification in material or topographic terms. In effect, place […]

Sinking of Thirst: Mexico City and water

Mexico City’s water supply crisis affects about 8.8 million residents in the city proper, but the working population of the metropolitan area is closer to 18 million.  The city is sinking because of the depletion of ground water aquifers.

Climate Refugees

There is no agreed definition of a climate change refugee, according to Future Floods of Refugees, a Norwegian Refugee Council report, but there is a long history of displacement due to environmental degradation.  In his Guardian blog, editorialist George Monbiot and others have picked up on the planned movement of the population of the Carteret […]

Models of urban computing

Nicolas Nova describes this as a: “Tapestry made out of old motherboards, encountered in Lisbon, Portugal. Ubicomp/urban computing to the letter.” I’ve always thought that motherboards look like architectural models for industrial neighbourhoods, but never more so than with this one. Perhaps because it’s been painted one colour? – Anne

Oil Sands, North of Fort McMurray

These enormous scrapers, seen through a storm of dust and a late spring snow shower, are moving earth to establish a new oil sands mine. -Andriko and Rob