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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Book Review: Sensing Cities

Sensing Cities: Regenerating Public Life in Barcelona and Manchester, Mónica Montserrat Degen, Routledge, 2008. Mónica Montserrat Degen’s recent book Sensing Cities: Regenerating Public Life in Barcelona and Manchester provides an illuminating discussion of the sensuous dimension of the urban everyday, particularly in the context of ‘regenerated’ neighbourhoods. In the book’s first section, Degen lays the […]

A Change in the Arctic Neighbourhood: Greenland Referendum

Arctic states are becoming a reality.  This means that we could one day talk of arctic lawmaking and jurisprudence without having to explain, for example that Canada’s marriage laws own much to experiments in the Northwest Territories in the 1970s to accommodate Inuit customary marriage.  This also means the territorialization of the north, respatializing a […]

Greenland Images

Bryan and Cherry Alexander: Inglefield Bay Clouds, Greenland.  With more photos from The Mail on Sunday, Online. – Rob

Flood in Venice

Flood in Venice, Italy  Copyright Originally uploaded to by Minneapolis Pro. Sea water rose to its highest level in 20 years, topping 156 cm, flooding the squares of the City. The usual flood level has been 110cm. It is hoped flood defences will be completed by 2011. As vita venexiàn comments, I am […]