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Responding to the Ottawa transit strike

Ottawa transit strike brings city to a standstill:

At 12:01 AM on December 10th, buses stopped moving in Ottawa as the over 2,200 members of Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 279 officially went on strike, while at the same time over 30 centimetres of snow was falling and one of the four bridges linking Ottawa and neighboring Gatineau was only open to limited vehicular traffic due to structural concerns … While the snow has since been cleared and the Chaudière Bridge remains open to cars, the drivers, dispatchers and maintenance workers of OC Transpo are still on strike. OC Transpo has a daily ridership of 350,000, which represents about 20% of the commuter traffic in the city…”

With more snow falling as I write, and no end to the strike in sight, the Public Transit in Ottawa Portal is posting breaking news, the OCTranspo LiveJournal Community is hosting lively debates between bus drivers and the public, Kwende Kefentse asked what we can do about a lack of pedestrian scale urban planning both during the strike and afterwards, local photographer Stéphanie Amesse has posted a transit strike survival kit to Flickr, and 19-year old Kwan, a.k.a. SkillzUnknown, has posted his response to the strike (NOC Transpo Cypha) on YouTube:

These are interesting days!

- Anne