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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Responding to the Ottawa transit strike

Ottawa transit strike brings city to a standstill: At 12:01 AM on December 10th, buses stopped moving in Ottawa as the over 2,200 members of Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 279 officially went on strike, while at the same time over 30 centimetres of snow was falling and one of the four bridges linking Ottawa […]

Urban Salons II : Not so Quiet: the new suburbia, Toronto

Continuing on the theme of urban salons, The New Art of Suburbia, a two-evening panel discussion and forum recorded for podcast, will address these changes and implications for the arts and culture. Dealing with changes in the development and urban fabric of Toronto, speakers from a variety of backgrounds will tackle pressing questions: What is […]

Journal of Aesthetics & Protest

Issue 6 of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest documents the work of artists deeply engaged with communities, labour and rights struggles.  It has some noteworthy articles ranging from Daniel Tucker and Nato Thompson on a community documentation project which records town hall  meetings on urban and regional art strategies,  in this issue focusing on […]

Photos of the detention facilities at Guantánamo Bay

Scenes from Guantánamo Bay An arrow in the recreation yard at Camp Delta, Naval Station Guantánamo Bay, Cuba points the direction to Mecca, the Islamic holy city, so the detainees know which way to face if the call to prayer sounds while they are outside. Every cell and recreation yard has similar arrows. Photo taken […]

Communicative Cities: Integrating Technology and Place Conference

Call for Papers With support from the Battelle Endowment for Technology and Human Affairs and The Ohio State University, we are organizing the Communicative Cities: Integrating Technology and Place Conference. The Urban Communication Foundation began exploring this topic about three years ago and held planning sessions in Washington, DC, Rome, and Paris. We invite planners, […]