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Monthly Archives: October 2008

G20: World finance as a network of many centres

Will the G20 become the L20? The ‘Leaders 20′ would be  a regular meeting of not only Finance Ministers but Prime Ministers and Presidents who meet to discuss global problems including climate change?  There is still a long way to go, but the Toronto Globe and Mail reports that the Nov. 15 emergency meeting on […]

Are urban pigeons domesticated or wild?

It was the form of the thing, the unmanaged Man Feeding Pigeons by Amy Clampitt Photo by Alan Saunders – Anne

Politics, invisibilities and mobilities

Autonomous Geographies A two year action research project run jointly by geographers at the University of Leeds and the University of Leicester. We use the term autonomous geographies to define ‘…those spaces where there is a desire to constitute non-capitalist, collective forms of politics, identity and citizenship, which are created through a combination of resistance […]

Geopolitics of Scapegoating: The Russian Bailout of Iceland’s Financial Crisis

Over the last 2 weeks, Icelandic banks were caught by the unwillingness of other banks to continue to lend capital on overnight markets. Taking advantage of liberal credit and deregulation, Icelandic banks had been amongst the most aggressive in expanding to Europe. With a small local economy, heavily leveraged expansion overseas was the only way […]

Border-Crossing: Passage Oublié

Passage Oublié is an interactive touchscreen artwork about extraordinary renditions, installed at Pearson Airport, Toronto.   “What else do we lose when we make people disappear? Passage Oublié is an interactive artwork allowing the public to send messages to a touchscreen kiosk located in Pearson’s International Airport. Messages received are animated along flight trajectories on […]