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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Intangibles, Virtuals and Financial Markets

Facing at least the partial nationalization of the financial system in the United States and United Kingdom, Will Hutton, a well known UK economic journalist, commented in the Guardian, This is not the end of capitalism, as some wildly claim; there is no intellectual, social or political challenge to a market system based on respect […]

This Weeks News is a Geography Lesson

News concerning the failure, nationalization and and rescue mergers of major banks in New York and London is not coming from ‘nowhere’.  Understanding what happens next is hard if one concentrates on the media search for the next particular financial weakling to be culled (the speculation has been on Morgan Stanley, seeking a Chinese partner) […]

Water, Like Traffic

Waterfall off Edmonton’s High Level Bridge to mark the Centennial of the University of Alberta September 19 2008.   Mobility, Flow, Prairie Bigness, liquid fireworks, a free car wash. -Rob

Book Review: May 68 + 40

Mai-Juin 68 edited by B. Damamme, B. Gobille, F. Mattonti and B. Pudal (Ivry sur Seine: Ed. l’Atelier 2008). ISBN 978-2708239760. In French. Looking back on the French social movements and political significance of May 68 and now looking back on the many retrospective studies published in French to mark the 40th Anniversary of the […]

Manhattan’s Urban Fabric

Barcelona-based artist Liz Kueneke: Given the great number of inhabitants, all with their own perceptions and uses, there is literally an infinite amount of different meanings and interpretations of a city. Manhattan’s Urban Fabric is a public intervention which intends to show just a glimmer of this richness, and to make visible what normally remains […]