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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Trouble the Water

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize – Best Documentary – Sundance Film Festival, Trouble the Water opens in select cities this weekend. Trouble The Water takes audiences on a journey that is by turns heart stopping, infuriating, inspiring and empowering. People leave the theaters wanting and needing to do something – not only about the […]

Book Review: Knowing Places: The Inuinnait, Landscapes and the Environment

Knowing Places: The Inuinnait, Landscapes and the Environment, Béatrice Collignon. Translation of Les Inuit : ce qu’ils savent du territoire. Translation and scientific editing by Linna Weber Müller-Willie. Circumpolar Research Series No.10,  CCI Press, University of Alberta: Edmonton, Canada, 2006. ISSN 0838133X. The points become fewer, the lines fade out as fewer and fewer people travel […]


William Lamson (2007-2008) via Wrong Distance – Anne