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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Les espaces de la lavande

Paysage de champs colorés près de Sarraud, Vaucluse, France (44°01’ N – 5°24’ E) Mr. Cassan and his family cultivate more than 600 acres of both traditional or ‘true’ lavender and lavendin, a sterile, hardier and much more prolific hybrid with a cruder, industrial, camphor scent. His great-grandfather was among the first lavender middlemen in […]

Urban flight?

The Atlantic: The Next Slum? Strange days are upon the residents of many a suburban cul-de-sac. Once-tidy yards have become overgrown, as the houses they front have gone vacant. Signs of physical and social disorder are spreading … Civic organizations in some suburbs have begun to mow the lawns around empty houses to keep up […]

Adventures in consumerism

Factory Girl: Dora the Explorer and the Dirty Secrets of the Global Industrial Economy by Lois Leveen Throughout her adventures, Dora enjoys an unusual geographic mobility, crossing landscapes but never distinct borders, always returning home rather than staying somewhere new. Her animated domain is devoid of references to social class, labor, or a currency-based economy. […]

Northwest Passage

European Space Agency Envisat mosaic image of summer sea ice in the Arctic. I’m in Ottawa and Washington this month doing interviews for a preliminary project with Phil Steinberg (Florida State University) on contested sovereignties in the Arctic and on Canada’s ‘virtual sovereignty’ in the North. On the one hand, we are reliably told that […]

thinkToronto: Urban Design Ideas Competition

From the urbanists at Spacing Magazine, blog, etc. comes an urban ideas competition for individuals and groups no older than 35: thinkTORONTO invites people 35 years old or younger with creative ideas on how to improve Toronto’s public spaces. The competition will help celebrate the magazine’s 5th anniversary in December 2008. Architects, urban planners, landscape […]