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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Controlled mobilities

In 2003-2004, the National Building Museum in Washington, DC ran an exhibition called Up, Down, Across: Elevators, Escalators, and Moving Sidewalks, and Terry Caesar’s (2000) essay looked at Japanese elevators as transit spaces that negotiate the public and the private, but generally-speaking elevators as social spaces have received little to no research attention–including within Space […]

Road Networks as Bio-Determined Lines of Desire

View Larger Map Although Edmonton — my current abode — subscribes to the striated-space solution when it comes to its road network design, recent research by French and US physicists has revealed that more often than not road networks in urban spaces resemble the veins of your common leaf (PDF). The production of these “lines […]

Neuroaesthetics and the Time-Spaces of the Academy

Debates are breaking out about the emerging field of neuroaesthetics — the effort to quantify, chart, and make “scientific” our experiences of art and affect. The Times Literary Supplement has recently entered the debate with Raymond Tallis’ vociferous reply to A.S. Byatt’s call to “observe the neorones.” Tallis, it seems, is not content to have […]

Transportation informatics

If Dan Hill’s incredible post on urban informatics wasn’t enough to convince you that he’s one of the most observant and insightful writers on the topic, then perhaps his most recent exploration of transport informatics will. But don’t be deceived by his claim that this is merely a “quick survey of new informational approaches to […]

The 2009 Depression and the geographies of 1929?

In discussions of the current financial crisis, the importance of housing and mortgages, and of foreign account imbalances, notably with East Asian manufacturing economies, suggests a failure in spatial fixes on which capitalism has been said to depend. Not only is this a matter of globalization but a crisis at the urban and suburban scales. […]