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Responding to invitations


As the Desire Paths Flickr Pool makes the rounds, I thought I’d point to Matt’s recent article, Accepting Invitations: Desire Lines as Earthly Offerings

I would like to suggest that desire lines are not merely the product of a human-desiring, nor are they merely a material expression of some aspect of the human imagination; rather, desire lines are the product of an earth—a natural environment—that desires us, an earth that beckons to us and that offers to us new pathways and potential circuits that expand the interconnected network—the interdependent relationship—between us and itself. To trace a desire line, then, is to respond to an invitation, to accept that a particular trajectory has been revealed. We could describe desire lines as being in excess of human-centered desire or as something in excess of the lines that are inscribed by terrestrial flows themselves; however, to do so would be to suggest that desire lines are somehow not inherent to the give and take that already exists between people and their environment…


Photos: top, tomphotouk; bottom, Fin Fahey

- Anne