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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Storycubes, Diffusion Generator, Urban Tagging

Friday, April 4th, 2008. Edmonton: Panel discussion & workshop featuring renowned artists Giles Lane and Orlagh Woods of the new media, urban-based and community-engaged arts group Proboscis. Proboscis is an artist-led studio with collaboration at the core of their creative practice and ethic. They work across disciplines & practices to explore social, cultural and creative […]

Is it dirty?

Song by Frank O’Hara Is it dirty does it look dirty that’s what you think of in the city does it just seem dirty that’s what you think of in the city you don’t refuse to breathe do you someone comes along with a very bad character he seems attractive. is he really. yes. very […]

I dropped in on Stepas, we talked about life

Arturas Valiauga: I dropped in on Stepas, we talked about life (2002-2003) An old lady and her middle-aged son live in a modestly furnished house. Some of the photos show the two of them at home, on the sofa, at the kitchen table, or on the edge of the bed. What was most important to […]

Consumption underground

GOOD Magazine: Speakeasy Restaurants In other countries, secret restaurants have flourished for years: In Cuba, mom-and-pop paladares are an alternative to state-run eateries; in Hong Kong, si fang cai offer elaborate home-cooked meals. Recently the phenomenon has taken off in America, with under-the-radar establishments popping up in San Francisco, Seattle, New York, and Boston. Operated […]

Ruined futures

As you travel east from Danshui along the number 2 highway that runs along the north coast of Taiwan, you come to the small town of Sanzhi. Just before arriving in Sanzhi, there‚Äôs an interesting site hugging the shoreline … Accounts vary on the origins of this complex, and indeed, as to whether it was […]