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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Owning the city

Whitney Stump’s homemade crosswalk, as seen on Google Maps Whitney Stump was tired of drivers ignoring stop signs at an intersection in his Muncie, Indiana neighborhood. After futile attempts to get the city to install crosswalks, Stump took matters into his own hands and painted one in at the corner of Dicks and North streets. […]

Celebrating sub-prime misery

After a drive through the stucco on chipboard crescents of houses in Chula Vista, San Diego’s southern sprawl near the border and Tijuana, I came across this sign in hipper Hillcrest, which illustrates Matt’s post on subprime mortgage crisis this week. – Rob

The Productive Writer

Research reports that for academics who want to increase their writing time and output, a set period everyday, or a target of a few hours a week are key. File under ‘how to’ (as WordPress crashes my browser again). – Rob

Sub-Prime and Suburbia

As the “sub-prime” mortgage crisis winds its way across the United States (and impacts the lives of everyone else) we are left wondering how this real estate tsunami will affect the future of home-buying, suburbia, and urbanism. The suggests that the shuttering of the suburban dream is being fiscally hastened by financial crises, and […]

Climate of Change?

Martin Jacques in The Guardian writes of a geopolitical sea change marked for Britain by the nationalization of Northern Rock, a UK bank and in the US by the sub-prime mortgages and home repossession crisis and worldwide by major banking losses such as UBS quarterly loss of GBP5.8B. As the ’30s marked the end of […]