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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Japanese love hotels

Mobile tech researcher Younghee Jung describes the extraordinary interaction design of Japanese love hotels: The entrances of love hotels are characteristically discreet. It is impossible to see the inside of the lobby from outside. There are many entrances to the building. Once in the lobby, you see the big board with pictures of all rooms. […]

Bare life?

Lebbeus Woods, SLUMS: The problem (via Subtopia) People with steady jobs and incomes, who are assured of having enough money to go to school, to the doctor or clinic; who can save some money, buy enough food and clothing to last a while; who can plan for the future; all too often coast along without […]

Landscape Urbanism Bullshit Generator

Instructions: 1. Don’t fill in the box. 2. Simply click the “make bullshit” button. 3. Watch bullshit appear in the box. 4. Repeat to taste (use your Enter/Return key). Landscape Urbanism Bullshit Generator – Matthew

Care and the Art of Dwelling: Bodies, Technologies and Home

Call for Papers Guest Eds. Domenech, M., Schillmeier, M. Thinking about care practices entails a reflection concerning practices of space. Heidegger’s notion of ‘dwelling as caring’ addresses this relationship. In this vein we are interested in rethinking the concepts and practices of care in contemporary societies. This special issue focuses on new forms of spatialization […]

The Thames Path

Chris Heathcote has curated a lovely set of images that shows the Thames Path. Not a standard urban space, more one that stitches London’s best together, The Thames Path slices through the city from the Thames Barrier to Surrey and beyond to the river source. Other national walks, like the Capital Ring, are man-made; the […]