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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Winter is Public

The Project for Public Spaces has released its study of Winter Cities. Some may be familiar with my critique of journalistic rankings of cities and the penchant for ‘best’ and ‘worst’. In this study Canadian cities such as Edmonton and Calgary rank amongst the worst globally for maintaining the vitality of streets as public spaces. […]

Public and Private Space

Public or Private? Clothing or shelter? Jordi Canuda‘s Share Hat redefines personal space as a space of relationships. Our social lives are defined by the people we know. “Share” celebrates our relationships by transforming the standard and personal form of a hat to accommodate several wearers at once. This multiplication of function represents the way […]

“When you operate in an overbuilt metropolis, you have to hack your way with a meat ax.”

Meatropolis by Nicholas de Monchaux [B]oth images represent a system of commonly understood distinctions, rendered in order to negotiate the body of a complex system: the city, the (bovine) body. Just as we need arbitrary designations to govern the path of a knife, or palate, around and through the body of the cow, so we […]

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Missile Defence!

Ah, Christmas. Peace on Earth. Goodwill to all men and women…. What better organization to track the progress of Christmas’ most proficient gift-giver — Santa — than NORAD, the Christmas-friendly organization that: continuously provides worldwide detection, validation and warning of a ballistic missile attack on North America and maintains continental detection, validation, warning and aerospace […]

CFP: Futuresonic Social Technologies Summit

Futuresonic 2008: The Social – Social Networking Unplugged Submissions are now invited to the Futuresonic conference and the Social Technologies Summit. Proposals for talks, presentations and workshops plus also session themes are invited. Submissions of innovative formats for social interaction and experimentation are encouraged. DEADLINE 5pm, Tuesday 18 December 2007. 40 years after people took […]