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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Places we had never heard of but that matter: Ilulissat

Ilulissat glacier is melting at record rates. It is a likely poster-child for climate change in the North, a figure for the sudden acceleration in the pace at which ice is melting in Canada’s Arctic Archipelago, the Northwest Passage and the polar icecap. Thanks to Michael, there are some amazing images here. Unbelievably, the Northwest […]

Hot desert nights

This is a map of mostly fictional Arabian countries that appear in the “sheikhs and desert love” genre of romance novels. Until recently I had no idea these books even existed, but thanks to Christy McCullough’s article in the Summer 07 issue of Bitch Magazine, my latest pop culture crush is on romance novels dedicated […]

Imagining the future city

Watch 2057 – The City to see a world where “machines interact like people” and “buildings, cars, streets and even your clothing will exchange data around the clock”…