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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Migrating Media

Journal Co-Editor Greg Elmer‘s Infoscape Research Lab at Ryerson University is hosting a workshop called Migrating Media – a bit of the media side of our editors’ interests. Media, media geographies and the materiality and topologies of media are things we’re continually following in the journal.

Building as Flow (Diller Scofidio + Renfro)

Destination Ikea

Before you commit to an Ikea home why not stay overnight at an Ikea store? Check in to the Ikea bridal suite for a flat-pack honeymoon Whereas Brits may associate the Swedish furniture giant with screaming kids, traffic jams in the parking lot and an occassional riot when a new warehouse opens, it seems Norwegians […]

Active engineers of atmosphere

We are beginning to see that the new model of the home-dweller looks like: ‘man the interior designer’ is neither an owner nor a mere user – rather he is an active engineer of atmosphere. Space is at his disposal like a kind of distributed system, and by controlling this space he holds sway over […]

Urbanism, technologies of violence and the cosmopolitanism of the dead

The City in the Crosshairs: A Conversation with Stephen Graham (Pt. 1) I think Bryan Finoki’s Subtopia is one of the very best urban blogs out there and I’ve always appreciated geographer Stephen Graham‘s ability to make clear that urban critique must directly include politics and economics, so I knew I was in for a […]