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Monthly Archives: July 2007


Revista de estudios culturales urbanos – Worth learning Spanish for. The quality of material coming out of Chile and Argentina is peerless at the present time. Other key names include Buenos Aires journals such as Punto de Vista, and Prismas and writers such as Beatriz Sarlo and AdriĆ”n Gorelik and artists exhibited in the 2006 […]

Shanghai Glimpsed

Less typical views than the usual images (google “Pudong” or “Shanghai Bund”): every direction is a forest of new buildings, often overwritten at streetlevel as the architectural scaffolding of signage, semiosis and new media, displacing the existing housing of often exhausted 3-4 storey colonial brick building stock.

Faces of Progress

A less noticed face of progress in cities like Shanghai, is the authoritarian planning which clears the ground for glitzy highrises. I would like to hear from architects about this ethical dilemma – Foster, Portman, Kwan, Tse, Kohn Pederson Fox, Jerde, SOM… almost the Who’s Who of contemporary architecture. Its hard to grasp the scale […]

Thinking Forest

French revolution: Rentable bikes every 900 feet

“The socialist mayor of Paris, Bertrand DelanoĆ«, has seen the future and it’s got two wheels, three speeds, an adjustable seat, indestructible tires, a basket, and a bell. It’s 50 pounds of ecofriendly handlebars, comin’ at ya. The French are turning Paris into a bicycle zone, pretty much overnight. Even now, astride small alleys and […]