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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Happy holidays!

Looking for something interesting to read over the holidays? Here’s more writing on space, culture, technology and art than you can shake a stick at! rhizomes.13Glowlab 11intelligent agent Vol. 6 No. 2receiver 17 (TV advert from 1955 – part of the amazing Vintage Christmas 1945-1970 flickr pool)

City birds sing the latest tunes faster, louder

Some urban birds’ songs are shorter and faster than those of their forest kin, and often concern atypical song types. (Listen here.) Hans Slabbekoorn and Ardie den Boer-Visser report in Current Biology that bird songs important to mate attraction and territory have significantly diverged in the successful urban bird species of great tits (Parus major). […]

Spaced and Cultured

A few days ago Rob teleported himself from Salvador, Brazil to snowy Edmonton, Canada for a successful teleconference involving theory students and faculty members speaking English, French, German, and Portuguese. We discussed the merits of beaches vs. snowdrifts, and whether all humans had been purposefully removed from the pictures of Edmonton we were discussing…. Edmontonians […]

in situ: art body medicine

Call for Submissions for Subtle Technologies 2007:in situ: art body medicine May 24th – May 27th 2007University of Toronto, Toronto Canada Submission Deadline January 3, 2007 “As scientific and technological breakthroughs prominently occupy our culture, we ask where the boundaries are. We are interested in investigating how we relate bodies in situ: as parts, as […]

Salvador Bahia Brazil

Salvador from Ribeira. The ribbons in the foreground, ‘Lembrances de Bonfim’ are tied on to the fence in front of the pilgrimage church of Bonfim as part of offerings and prayers for intersession.Tens if not hundreds of thousands dressed in white participate in the procession of several kilometres from the city centre to wash the […]