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Monthly Archives: November 2006

État d’Urgence – Montréal

La ville vue par celui qui erre Accompanied by a guide, the Mise en jeu team invites you to plunge — at least for a 40-minute stroll — into the world of itinerants, those individuals who live in the street, whether by choice or ill fortune. Take in the street corners and the laneways and […]

Night in the Village

Click here for mp3. Place hand on your notebook batterypack or CPU to add a sense of heat and yell “Pedro!” to participate in the bedtime roundup of children back to homes.

Pizza phone

André Lemos picked up on Nokia’s prototype augmented reality phone… Usually I’m looking at my watch waiting for pizza, but they’re suggesting user friendly ways for wayfinding and interaction with the urban environment, all in the mobile phone.

How to make a Favella

Outside of South America and in English, favellas are either an abstract term taught in urban geography, or as Beatriz Jaguaribe has argued in Space and Culture, are settings which are becoming romanticized scenes for films such as City of God. What follows applies specifically to Salvador, Bahia Brazil (a distinctive Afro-Brazilian capital comparable in […]

Bio Mapping: Annotating The Environment With Emotional Data

A recent post on MetaFilter, via The Map Room, highlights the Bio Mapping tool, yet another example of the increasingly central role of affect in theoretical and applied investigations of everyday life. The Bio Mapping tool: “allows the wearer to record their Galvanic Skin Response, which is a simple indicator of emotional arousal, in conjunction […]