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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Architects against ideological planning

The Foundation for Achieving Seamless Territory is dedicated to exposing the abuses of ideological planning in Israel and around the world: FAST (online)Magazine is a collection of articles on the territorial aspects of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Lifta analyses the destruction, appropriation (and) reconstruction of buildings, landscape and memory. via

Yahaya Kemal, Kagithane, Istanbul

-Rob Shields (University of Alberta)

Unhousing Kagithane, Istanbul

Tensions over land use lead to the most vulnerable being shifted about cities as places to live are given and taken away. In their own words, the Roma of Yahya Kemal in Kagithane, Istanbul are caught between the contradictions of the cost of rent, the insuitability of apartments, and fears that their houses are built […]

The Americano Dream

‘The grocery clerks snap at you. “It’s ham, sir, not hum,” they say. “If you want Tang, don’t say tongue!” You write this down and you remember this. At a meeting at the hospital, the director turns to you and asks, “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” You buy a book of American idioms […]

On top of the pavers, a dance floor…

A wedding (20.1 MB .avi) Some thoughts a few entries down…