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Monthly Archives: June 2006

The Return of the Leviathan Part 2

Notoriously lacking from Foucault’s initial excursion into governmentality is a sound political economic analysis of the state. Had he done this, it could have helped him to contextualize the economic effectiveness of discipline by focusing on, for example, the expanding role of the state in economic affairs since the 19th century. The birth of the […]

Abject Voices from WUF3

Juma Assiago introducing the Safer Cities program on how UN HABITAT relates to urban crime and violence. Juma: In many cities the exclusion and criminalization of youth has the hallmarks and draws on the tactics of urban warfare. Criminal organizations offer similar opportunities to youth as mainstream institutions. Children and youth, especially those from stigmatized […]

Further displacement

Thousands of New Orleans Public Housing Units to be Destroyed as 200,000+ Low-Income Residents Remain Displaced “We take a look at the situation with public housing in New Orleans. Last week, Federal housing officials announced that more than 5,000 public housing units for the poor were to be demolished even though tens of thousands of […]

Networked Publics

Networked Publics Book “As a culmination to the Networked Publics program, we are delighted to announce that we will be publishing a collaboratively written group book with the MIT Press. Throughout the Networked Publics program, we have tried to employ collaborative scholarship whereever possible and effective. Now that we have drafts of most of our […]

Voices from the 3rd World Urban Forum

Juma Assiago of UN HABITAT‘s Safer Cities program based in Africa delivered a number of talks including a session of Crime and Violence Prevention and Youth Capacity Building in Latin American Cities. Some slides (in chronological order as he went through his presentation) from his talk, which was one of the best and deserves to […]