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Monthly Archives: May 2006

McLuhan’s Nietzsche

Anne does not like McLuhan. Fair enough. But can he be made sexy again? I think so. What we need to do is to retrace the implicit romanticism in McLuhan’s writings which invoke the spirit of that perennial maverick of modern thought: Friedrich Nietzsche. McLuhan was a Nietzschean, not only in terms of his highly […]

Mike Davis on peri-urban realities

We’d be remiss if we didn’t point to Geoff Manaugh’s excellent Interview with Mike Davis: Part 1 and Part 2, in which Davis discusses interesting things like peri-urbanism: “There are several different discussions here: one on larger-order urban systems – similar to the Atlantic seaboard or Tokyo-Yokohama, where metropolitan areas are linked in continuous physical […]


THINGS—An Anthology Edited by Kristine Samson, Dag Petersson, Thure Munkholm “What does it mean for Man to expel himself from art, to leave it to machines, structures or random generators to impart meaning and significance to things? To what does art owe its tendency in the 20th century towards an objective sensibility? The many endeavors […]

MySpace, control and users

Fred Scharmen was one of the outstanding students I met when I gave a presentation at Yale School of Architecture a couple of months ago, and he’s recently posted an interesting paper he wrote for his “Situations, Not Plans” class – “You must be logged in to do that!” : Myspace and Control. Reading this […]


Edmonton is a city of small veterans houses built in the post World War II era. But now big houses – 30000 square feet make one wonder, ‘How big is enough’?