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Monthly Archives: April 2006

Visualizing Information

Free Network Visible Network data visualization tool for public spaces at the Mixed Reality Lab, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

In memoriam: Jane Jacobs

Remembering Jane Jacobs (from the 1969 CBC Archives) Jane Jacobs Profile at Project for Public Spaces Today’s obituaries:Toronto Star: Jane Jacobs, 89: Urban legendCBC News: Urban thinker Jane Jacobs diesGlobe and Mail: Jane Jacobs dies

Public domain

BBC News: Park and write “It’s a tale of our time – about being cut off from everything around you but still connected to people thousands of miles away … Alone and without anywhere to turn, she got into her car and started driving … Her life has since become a surreptitious daily round of […]

Orwellian cities

The urban imagery of George Orwell “On one hand, the city can be thought of as a map (heir of many historic overlays) with its streets, buildings, squares, bridges, churches, parks, stations, neighbourhoods, etc.; on the other hand, the city can be thought of as its inhabitants, with their movements, with their social stratification, with […]

Academic cosmopolitanism

Referring to the recent Anthropology and Cosmopolitanism conference, Lorenz Khazaleh notes: “The topic – cosmopolitanism – seemed to have attracted a special kind of people. ‘There are nearly no Americans here’, one delegate wondered. Usually, lots of Americans attended conferences arranged by the Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth. What I found […]