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Monthly Archives: January 2006

The everyday lives of come from aways

She’s From Away

“I’m Hope Larson, an American cartoonist living in Canada. In December 2004 I became a permanent resident, and in April 2005 my husband and I moved to Nova Scotia, a fairly isolated province east of Maine. It’s so far east that it’s in the Atlantic time zone, which we didn’t know existed! The [...]

Thoughts on nationalism

In class yesterday, while we discussed the possibility of global citizenship, I was again struck by how difficult it is to talk about the benefits of nationalism without conjuring the nightmares of fascism.
I thought about Germany slowly suffocating under the weight of guilt and remorse.
“A week before today’s 61st anniversary of the liberation [...]

Mall of worship

Excerpt from a short exchange between Ken and Anne this afternoon.
Ken: The malls look like churches!!! You must go!
Me: Ahahahahahaha!!

Ken: Well I was thinking a little more metaphorically

Me: Oh. I see. Very good then.

Calder’s mobility

Calder with Myxomatose, 1953
“There is more of the unpredictable about them than in any other human creation … A general destiny of movement is sketched for them, and then they are left to work it out for themselves.” — Sartre on Calder’s mobiles

Myxomatosis is a highly infectious viral disease of rabbits that attacks [...]

Moving masses

Alexey Titarenko
“His long-exposure photographs, often made of moving masses of people, are imbued with a down-trodden moodiness reminiscent of the stories of Dostoyevsky. They document a time of change, yet hope is a rare commodity, and the people blur into grey shadow figures in a ghost-like crowd, with perhaps a solitary hand or shoe standing [...]