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Monthly Archives: November 2005

Space in the eye of the beholder

“Humidity is the experience of looking for air and finding water. We keep track of the humidity in the air so we won’t drown when we breathe.” Photo by naftalina007. “When they broke open molecules, they found they were stuffed with atoms. But when they broke open atoms, they found them stuffed with explosions.” Photo […]

The Glance: How to virtualize the city. Wissenshcaftszentrum Berlin 5:30 Nov. 30

‘September 28th, 2005 – He Shot Me Back’ by Emiko Hime Originally uploaded by Emiko Hime on How do glances expand on what we understand “seeing” to be all about? I think Emiko’s great photo shows a bit of how glances seem to be both wise and ‘knowing looks’ and even how we often […]

Imaginary places

Ahua, the Water Language: A Cultural Introduction “In Ahuan, everything not absolutely essential to the meaning is omitted. That which remains is referred to obliquely, by allusion, again with the minimum of detail. The sentence “One thing is not another” may, according to context, mean almost anything; yet to an Ahuan, the precise meaning in […]

The Cultural Public Sphere

In a recent post, Jean Burgess mentions Jim McGuigan’s article, The Cultural Public Sphere, which I also happened to enjoy recently. In it, he discusses “three typical political stances in relation to the cultural public sphere” which Jean kindly quotes: “…[L]et us identify three broad stances regarding the politics of the cultural public sphere: uncritical […]

Secret cities

Starke is a “community within a community” found in one of Florida’s most dangerous prison regions. The Secret City “It looks like your normal neighborhood, but you won’t find this place on any map. The county property appraiser doesn’t even have a record of it. In this secret community, some streets have names, others do […]