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Space and Culture at Canadian Association of Cultural Studies

Here are some audio downloads from a number of absolutely excellent presentations and two Q&As at the CACS conference held recently at University of Alberta. More will follow on these in future posts and your comments are welcome!

Session: Ritual Virtualities, Performative Materialities

Boulou E. de B’béri (University of Ottawa) Why ‘the’ Virtuality is not ‘the’ Intangible: Understanding the Process of Becoming A Crystal through Deleuzian Lenses Or Actuality and Virtuality: An Intermedial Process of Crystallizing Everyday Life Practices of Identity (mp3 – 5.1MB)

Discussion (mp3 – 6.9MB) moderated by Rob Shields, including Boulou E. de B’béri, Anne Galloway and Jan Jagodzinski (University of Alberta) on The Virtual in the Time Cinema of Deleuze: The Case of Elephant. We apologise to Jan for the technical difficulties that prevented us from recording his presentation.

Session: Insecure Flesh / Cultural Body Spaces

Jason Boudreau (Carleton University) 2nd Life: Identity in Virtual Worlds (mp3 – 3.4MB)

Erin Kruger (University of Alberta) The Ungovernable Spaces of Security (mp3 – 3.5MB)

Joost Van Loon (Nottingham Trent University) Airports as Risk Zones (mp3 – 4.1 MB)

Discussion (mp3 – 8.5 MB) moderated by Anne Galloway