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Monthly Archives: September 2005

The View from iProvince

A different perspective on the land where digital audio comes from, thanks to Robert at DAPreview. See our links to Justin O’Connor’s Shanghai Diary in the archive.

What a useful thing for a national research council to do

SSRC: Understanding Katrina: Perspectives from the Social Sciences “As analyses and ‘spin’ of the Katrina crisis grow, we confront the sort of public issue to which a social science response is urgently needed. Accordingly, the SSRC has organized this web forum addressing the implications of the tragedy that extend beyond ‘natural disaster,’ ‘engineering failures,’ ‘cronyism’ […]


Metro arts and architecture Review of Marc Auge’s In the Metro “Auge reminisces about how different stops and train routes have held special significance for him at different points in his life. Auge writes, ‘In that way my itineraries resemble those of others with whom I rub shoulders every day in the subway without knowing […]


minimiam Grenade Les intrus (via)

Weaving Cork

The Knitting Map “Commissioned by Cork 2005, European Capital of Culture, The Knitting Map draws its inspiration from Cork City, celebrating its place at the cultural heart of Europe. The Knitting Map is not a literal map; instead of a single still image, it is a moving, evolving translation of the busy-ness of Patrick Street; […]