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Monthly Archives: July 2005

Space of Arts

A profile of Rob’s research was recently published in the U of A’s Work of Arts magazine, pp.4-5 From Thinking Space: Exploring the Social Dimension by Anne Bailey “Even when we enter a physical space, we enter a virtual space as well; we cannot experience or comprehend any space without the filter of memory and […]

Popular Virtual Geography

The recent attempt at Microsoft to match Google’s online map function highlights the importance of space and place and the sensitivity people have about the representations of places important to them. By now it is famous that Microsoft’s Virtual Earth used out of date images – conserving the World Trade Centre and imaging Apple Computer’s […]

Against compulsory holidaying

Guardian Unlimited: I’m going nowhere “Now that the choice of where to go and what to do is entirely my own, I stay at home. I read, watch television, have friends round – everything I enjoy doing in my leisure hours, but for longer stretches … I’d like to claim that my untravelled history is […]

Icelandic landscapes are home to more than just people

Building in Iceland? Better Clear It With the Elves First “[A] port on the outskirts of Reykjavik prides itself on its unusually high elf population. Tourists are invited to tour the known elf locations, including a large rock whose reputation as an elf habitat meant that a nearby road was diverted some years ago so […]

Space of flows

Fragmented Places and Open SocietiesFelix Stalder “We have a McDonald’s in virtually every city of the planet. Yet, increasingly, there is no way to predict what will be located right next to it. On the ground, the many globals and locals mix in seemingly random ways. The result is a kind of a patchwork of […]