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Monthly Archives: April 2005

Places which perhaps only the poet can map

“We begin to walk. We feel the ground beneath our feet, the wind in our face. And as we do, we leave traces. We are involved in the landscape. We leave the prints of our body, the touch of flesh on metal and stone. We constantly wear things out, with our hands, our feet, our […]

Shaped these green

The Garden by Louise Gluck The garden admires you.For your sake it smears itself with green pigment,The ecstatic reds of the roses,So that you will come to it with your lovers. And the willows–See how it has shaped these greenTents of silence. YetThere is still something you need,Your body so soft, so alive, among the […]


In the May issue of Metropolis Magazine: The Cruise Ship Diaries By Karrie Jacobs “My friend D. and I are about to board the Infinity, a 2,000-passenger ship with 1,000 crew members, for a two-week cruise to the Falkland Islands, to Tierra del Fuego, and to Valparaiso, Chile… Without understanding quite what we’re getting into, […]

The degradation and removal of a/the black male

Wayne Dunkley made posters of his face with the following fill-in-the-blanks under the picture: “A _____” and “The _____”. He put them up in Toronto and Montreal neighbourhoods, and kept track while posters were torn down, covered up, defaced, and written on over a period of four years. He then took his own stories and […]

Consecutive Cambridge

One Hot Minute by xmark “One minute of my life. A series of frozen moments, somehow very different from watching a one minute video of the same thing.” View as slideshow – set timer to one second (via flickr blog)